My friend works for cannabis delivery service

My best friend recently got a job working for a cannabis dispensary.

They started a cannabis delivery service last month and my best friend was one of the first drivers hired.

He has an impeccable driving record and he has never had a speeding, parking, or reckless driving ticket. He’s never been in any trouble at all, so his record is squeaky clean. I wanted to get a job working for the cannabis delivery service as well, but I had a DUI when I was 22. Since I have that on my permanent record, I can’t work in the cannabis delivery service. I can’t even get a job working at the dispensary, because I have a blemish on my record. My best friend is raking in the bucks. He works 4 nights a week, from 5pm until 2 in the morning. He makes almost $200 in tips every night. I barely reach $100 working for the pizza delivery service, and I have to work five days a week. One of the best perks of his job is a discount on all of the items in the cannabis dispensary. One of my favorite items to consume are marijuana edibles. Unfortunately, these edibles can be very expensive in the dispensary. Just a single brownie is almost $10. Since Jake started working at the dispensary, he receives a 20% discount on everything in the store. I give Jake some cash every time I get paid and he buys me a bunch of cannabis brownies at a great price. It’s a great deal for me and Jake doesn’t mind helping out a buddy.



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