Wholesale prices are going up at the end of May

Wholesale prices on marijuana are going up at the end of May, and it’s going to harshly affect my business. I have a small bed and breakfast in the mountains. We cater to people that like smoking marijuana. In fact, our whole business platform is based on the smoking experience. We offer a breakfast each morning with a different strain of marijuana featured. In the afternoon, we have fun activities and seminars to attend. In the evening, we have potluck dinners and events. I have been purchasing all of the marijuana from a local dispensary. They give me a discounted rate so that my prices are just a few dollars above wholesale. I went to the dispensary to pick up 20 lb of OG Kush last weekend, and I found out that the wholesale prices are going to be increasing at the end of May. The pot harvest did not yield the same results as last year, so the wholesale prices will be increasing by 12%. I was really surprised, because this is the third year I have been using the same wholesale supplier. This is the first year I will endure a rise in prices. Maybe I should be thankful for two years of low prices. Maybe I should start shopping around for a different wholesale supplier. I know my budget is not ready for a 12% increase. We’re going to have to find a way to incorporate that cost into our bed and breakfast packages. Customers that enjoy time with us frequently will be very unhappy with the new rates.

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