CBD put an end to my cousin’s seizures

One of my cousins used to have bad seizures.

His condition was incredibly hard on our family.

I wanted to do something to help him. I spoke with a good friend who is a budtender at a local dispensary . He said that I should recommend CBD oil to my cousin for his seizures. My friend said that CBD was proving effective in scientific testing as an excellent treatment for seizures. Many of the test patients who tried the CBD saw a lessening of seizures after taking it. Many got rid of the seizures entirely. I was doubtful because the doctors had prescribed all different medications for my little cousin but were never able to lessen the seizures. I would assume that if CBD worked to stop seizures, the doctors would have told us about it. My friend said that CBD comes from the cannabis plant and is entirely natural. Most doctors prefer to stick with more traditional methods. However, CBD is legal and accessible. He said that more and more doctors are getting on board and recommending the use of CBD for their patients. There are tons of success stories about CBD for seizures & pain management. I talked to our family about CBD & they agreed that it was worth a try. My father said that he had good things about CBD. We were hopeful it would help with the seizures. My cousin was suffering from depression because of the effects of seizures & we weren’t sure if he was even going to survive the next few years. So we purchased CBD oil & edibles. There was an immediate improvement. Since using the CBD, the seizures have stopped completely!

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