The joys of having a growing facility

I have a growing facility that I use to harvest marijuana, then growing pot is not too hard, if you have any idea what you are doing, however, I have experienced a lot of trials and errors! One thing that is entirely strenuous is month numerous in the growing stages, there is the vegetative phase and then the flowering stage following that.

  • The final month is key when getting a good quality product.

Messing up in the final month is always such a sizable letdown. I spend months just monitoring the lights around our products to make sure nothing gets burned or even somewhat overheated. I also watch out for moisture as well as not get extremely dry or have a product covered in bugs, another issue is that if I mess up the nutrients in month 6, the stink of the pot significantly fluctuations. I am desperate to cut back as well as allow the buds to produce their own natural stink. A few other things I need to do in the final month of growing is monitor temperature as well as humidity. The temperature control with pot is quite difficult. This is the reason that I have a little cheat sheet for it. I use ductless Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C for the first 5 weeks. I have the thermostat set on a timed program to change from heating to cooling at evening. The very last month I need a little less power. I use a space gas furnace to get the facility warm and comfortable, however not overheated. Then I use window AC for the evening time cooling affect. When it comes to humidity, I rely on both a humidifier as well as dehumidifier. A lot of air quality fluctuations in the growing facility totally relies on the outside weather.

Large scale grow rooms