Granny needs her cannabis in the nursing home

The woman I call Granny was not actually my grandmother by blood.

She had been a close friend of my mother’s mother, and had stepped in to watch over our family when my real grandmother passed. I don’t even remember that woman, to be honest, because I was barely two years old, but I do know that Granny has been around for my whole life. She lived nearby, and was always there for babysitting, holidays, and big family meals. We have remained close my whole life, and I was the one that helped her transition into living in a nursing home. By “transition” I mean that I helped Granny figure out the marijuana situation in the nursing home. You see, Granny was a heavy cannabis smoker and had been for my whole life. Her house always stunk of thick marijuana smoke, and she burned through joints like they were cigarettes. This was a problem in a nursing home, for the obvious reasons, but at the same time Granny wasn’t about to give up cannabis after all these years. Then I pitched her the idea of switching over to cannabis edibles. We could get together every sunday at my house and spend all day making a huge amount of edibles, which she could then munch on throughout the week. Granny wasn’t sure at first, because she loved smoking cannabis so much, but I convinced her to give it a try. After that first week, she was 100% happy with the marijuana laced edibles, and never went back to smoking it after that.

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