The dispensary has put myself totally out of business

After I graduated from school, I ran test and worked 1 task for a total of 1 week, and it was at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in a shopping mall, plus it was definitely 1 of the worst weeks of our life.

  • It wasn’t the task itself that was that terrible, if I’m being honest, it was the feeling that I had of “well I guess this is it, this is the rest of your life.” In school, the future seemed so bright, however out in the work force the future seemed like endless clock punching plus endless irritating purchasers.

So I quit the job after 1 week, plus set out to make our own advantage on our own terms! My path ended up being in marijuana sales, which ended up being a legitimately nice task for myself and others for a very long while, then after a few weeks selling cannabis for a associate of mine I made enough of a stake to buy a more immense amount. From that point on I set our own hours, our own prices, plus staked out my claim as the main marijuana source for our whole village. Things might have gone on like this forever, simply perfect, except for that stupid marijuana dispensary opened up about 2 miles from here, then now our client base is all however gone, because the marijuana dispensary has literally hundreds of unusual products, plus I simply can’t match their quality. I still have the better prices, however it seems most of our purchasers would rather spend money a higher cost for higher quality marijuana than to take the stuff I’m selling. I guess I will have to cut down plus apply for a task at the marijuana dispensary.