Sitting in traffic makes me miss the final episode

The final episode for one of my favorite TV shows was on the other night as well as the two of us completely missed it. The two of us were sitting in traffic all evening while our favorite show played as well as we did not run the DVR at all. The two of us were stopped when the whole section of the highway was taken down by a substantial oil tanker. The two of us went out and did not anticipate these delays. The two of us immediately knew that we should have gone to the local pot shop for a medical marijuana oil pen battery. It’s about five or six dollars cheaper to drive all the way over to the medical marijuana dispensary to purchase this oil pen battery. The two of us debated going into the traffic since the other place is three or four miles away. It was way past the time when traffic is usually backed up as well as it seemed like a good idea to save the money as well as hit the medical marijuana dispensary. The two of us were awfully upset when we found out that traffic was delayed by so much. The two of us missed the episode as well as we’re not even using the right DVR Channel. The two of us did not want to go through this Fiasco again as well as felt it necessary to purchase an additional cannabis oil pen battery to keep on hand. After all, it seemed like a good idea as well as a good use of the $14.