Being Unable to Sleep Makes me Try Marijuana

I have often been unable to get and stay asleep at night.

I have literally done everything I have read online to help me sleep.

I went out and got a top of the line mattress with bamboo sheets and a special microfoam pillow. I got myself a sound equipment that mimics the ocean, jungle or whatever suits me. I also purchased a sleep mask, did yoga before bed, ate kiwi plus eliminated red light. Nothing seemed to help me rest. I read an article that people rely on cannabis in order to sleep! CBD in the cannabis plant in particular is very effective with sleep. In desperate need to sleep, I went to my local cannabis dispensary for help. The budtender was seriously awesome. I told him that I would do anything to get a little sleep. The budtender was so wise about finding the right product for me. Turns out I don’t need THC plus being high out of my mind. The solution is simply using a product with a high CBD content. This is the part of the marijuana plant that helps with relaxation. The budtender advocated to just try CBD oil for now. He showed me how to put a few drops in my nightly cup of tea. He said drink the whole cup before bedtime to help me get to sleep. It has helped me quite a bit. I now can sleep several hours in a row, but then I wake up restless. I might need a more potent product. I believe I will be going back to the dispensary to see what they think.

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