Learning how to grow marijuana

I have l acquired a few things from this coronavirus lockdown, as I’m sure the two of us all have, however for one thing, previously I believed that I needed to be in the office to fully do our job, plus manage all of our responsibilities; Now I recognize that is not tploy at all, as me plus our whole team have kept the businesses running smoothly with only a few minor hiccups, however those were growing pains, as the two of us transitioned, but at this point I see no need for our department to ever go back to working in the office suite, another thing I l acquired is the art of growing marijuana, which to be honest is something I am still studying.

A enjoyable friend of mine has been using a grow box in his attic for some time, plus the results have been rather tasty; I went ahead plus ordered all the pot growing supplies I would need off the internet, plus our friend provided the seeds. The first few weeks are slow going, of course, because plants grow slowly, that is their nature, but so far I am glad with the performance of our grow box. I didn’t have the inclination or the skill to put together a grow room, plus this box gave me everything I needed to get started. They sort of make the pot growing process idiot-proof, to a particular degree. I k now that cultivating marijuana plants is something people work on for decades, so I don’t expect immediate results, although I am looking forward to our first pot harvest!
Growing pot