Learning about weed from school

My school has recently actually tried to hammer in our heads that drugs are bad, but this week’s special on drugs focuses on marijuana… Now, I personally don’t know all that much on drugs, but I do know that cannabis products in certain have many benefits, but do you guess the schools are going to mention that? Of course not! Anyways, they were going on and on about how awful weed products are all of that, then they made me flip to a certain page in a textbook for further reading.

I started reading and it went into detail about the odd types of marijuana products and how you would use them.

It went into detail about how you would go into consuming the legal cannabis products, and why it’s awful for you. It also went into odd aspects of cannabis delivery and recreational weed dispensary! Luckily for the professors, since our state didn’t allow any legal weed products, it’s not appreciate all of us could go to a marijuana weed store or get weed delivery service. Although I do know some people who have entirely tried odd drugs illegally. The entire time of hearing them rant on about how awful cannabis products are, it only made me want to try them even more. After their entire week long lesson, I had made it a goal of mine to eventually try weed products. I didn’t plan on using it illegally, but I did plan on eventually travelling to another state that allowed legal recreational weed stores and trying it then.



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