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Scientists have been completing lot of research of late with regards to eating disorders and if they can be helped with medical marijuana. I am sure you have heard about the” munchies” being a side effect of ingesting marijuana. When you think about it, eating disorders such as bulimia plus anorexia both involve the terrible danger of weight loss. How several times these disorders coincide with some sort of mental condition that also needs to be treated. In cases of anorexia, many times the use of medical marijuana can allow the patients to regain the ability to swallow food without gagging, plus hopefully receive some weight. It is important that these individuals are followed closely by both psychiatrists and regular doctors because the benefits will not be achieved if the psychological portion of the eating disorder isn’t addressed at the same time, however disorders such as this can be debilitating and deadly plus oftentimes the use of medications does not show significant improvement.  There are several reasons that people become anorexic plus their disease can progress to the point where they are physically unable to eat. Without being able to get this much needed nutrition these individuals can develop other conditions because of their weakened state. If the use of medical marijuana can offer a sensation of hunger this is beneficial. There are a myriad of other medical problems that cause loss of appetite such as HIV plus even cancer treatments, and many more. Some of these patients can also expect to enjoy benefits in using cannabis oils plus medical marijuana to improve their sensation of hunger, thereby allowing them to get at least some of the beneficial nutrients they need from food. The body’s requirement to heal is dependent upon getting vital nutrients so the side effect of hunger as it relates to medical marijuana show promise.

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