My thoughts on cannabis

There have been many medical studies of late with regards to eating disorders & the use of medical marijuana. I’m sure you are familiar with the” munchies” being a side effect of smoking pot. Of course, eating disorders such as bulimia & anorexia both involve the extreme danger of weight loss, so logically, a relatively harmless drug that causes hunger might be a reasonable treatment, right? In cases of anorexia, oftentimes the use of medical marijuana can allow the patients to once again begin eating, & hopefully begin to put on a few pounds. It is pressing that these individuals are monitored closely by their positions & counselors at the same time because the benefits will not be achieved if the emotional part of the eating disorder isn’t addressed as well.  Disorders such as this can be life-threatening & oftentimes the use of regular medications does not show improvement in health of the patient. There are several reasons that people become anorexic & the condition is known to progress to the point where they become physically unable to eat. Without being able to eat, these individuals can contract other illnesses that compound their treatment plans. If the use of medical marijuana can you induce a sensation of hunger this could be seriously beneficial. Other diseases that cause loss of appetite such as HIV & even cancer treatments may also be helped by medical cannabis. Some people can also gained good benefits in using cannabis oils & medical marijuana to increase their appetite, as well as decrease pain, thereby getting the beneficial nutrients they need from food and living more pain free. The body’s ability to heal is dependent upon getting food, so medical marijuana’s known hunger side effect may be useful for some patients.

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