I don’t like the struggle it takes to get my

I’m entirely aggravated with the local marijuana dispensary in town; thankfully, this town has more than one single marijuana dispensary.

Then unluckily, this particular dispensary is the place with the best prices in addition to the best selection! Every Wednesday, they offer popcorn bud strains at a discount price. These popcorn bud strains are known as minis. Everyone knows that Wednesday is Mini Wednesday in addition to that, the parking lot fills up an hour before the door opens. I was actually in line when they opened the doors on Wednesday, in addition to they were already out of stock of three of the strains… Apparently they let people start ordering online at 6 am. If all the people can preorder, then there is no reason to show up at the building an hour early. I let the budtender in addition to their manager of the marijuana dispensary know that I was disgusted by the lack of product in the store. They only had two measly other marijuana flower strains in addition to both of them were Indica. I can’t use indica marijuana while in the day because it makes myself and others recognize that we are undoubtedly sleepy. I need to get my work tasks completed at my house in addition to that always requires a sativa or hybrid. I had to drive to the other side of town in addition to go to a marijuana dispensary that has higher prices. At least they had an important selection of top-shelf flower buds. I got a nice sativa called strawberry Fields that is 20.6% THC. That’s pretty high for a sativa dominant strain; and next week, I will set an alarm so I can wake up in addition to place our online order. I will absolutely never waste this much time again by waiting in line.