It’s been a long time

I had to confess that I also think smoking pot felt pretty good

Back when I was still in high university, I had a classroom totally filled with trouble making students. In certain situations, there were a group of 3 rowdy youngsters that were even known as the bad youngsters, due to their near continuous stream of trouble making. Once, they had gotten themselves suspended, but of course they were brought back. It was the kind of group I stayed away from, since I was always a good student plus practically the teacher’s pet! However, I was surprised one day, whenever the leader of the group called me over. I was hesitant to walk over to them, completely knowing their history, although I didn’t genuinely want to ignore them because of it either. When I walked closer to them, I noticed the leader was holding something right there, in his right hand that I couldn’t see… then he showed me what he was holding, a bag of marijuana. They told me to try it, plus I honestly knew it wasn’t genuinely an option. So I smoked weed with them for a while after that, even though it wasn’t legal weed. I ended up reading that all of them have a super troubled past, plus that smoking weed helps relax them. I had to confess that I also think smoking pot felt pretty good. That was over 15 years ago, but ever since that single moment, I supported plus hoped for the legalization of marijuana. I learned that a lot of people use legal pot as a way to make them get better. Since medical marijuana oils plus other medical cannabis was legal, I will sometimes travel to states that have legal cannabis, plus visit a modern recreational marijuana dispensary plus love some marijuana edibles plus other products.


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