Tipping the cannabis driver should be optional

Do you tip your delivery driver? Let’s say you ordered online through GrubHub, so you pay for the food, and all the taxes, and you pay GrubHub an additional fee just for taking your order…

Then on top of paying all that, are you still expected to shell out a few more bucks? All of a sudden you are paying fifty bucks for just 2 sandwiches; and when every one of us all have several deliveries a week, it can get high-priced.

Where I toil it is a little bit different, however the same principle applies. When people order a cannabis delivery, possibilities are they are placing a sizable order; however, every one of us do have a lot of regulars, and these folks get respected deliveries of cannabis and CBD products, just a little at a time… These folks don’t tip, and every one of us doesn’t expect them to! But for the big-time orders, instances where people will drop 2 or more than two hundred bucks on cannabis, every one of us do expect a little bit of a gratuity. The difference is that at the cannabis dispensary, there is no automatic tipping, it is 100% up to the clients. Those respected clients, who order cannabis every week, will also usually tip the delivery driver every once in a while, just not every time! Just to let you know, the cannabis dispensary does pay us pretty well, so you will never get awful service for not tipping. On the other hand, every one of us do toil hard to get you your products as fast and efficiently as possible, so maybe consider tipping your cannabis delivery driver next time.



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