I find inner peace on my delivery runs

As a kid, my dad was both a single father and a long range truck driver.

Oftentimes I would stay with my aunt and her kids, but a few times a year I had to go with him.

We would drive all day and all night, across the country, just talking and listening to music. It wasn’t exactly exciting, but those are great memories for me, and explains why I love driving so much to this day. I will put on tunes, zone out, and drive for hours. Being the midnight delivery guy for the cannabis dispensary is probably the perfect job for me, combining all of my passions at once. Although I do enjoy the scent of fresh marijuana, I actually never touch the stuff. I used to, back in college, but these days too much cannabis might trigger an LSD flashback, so I just stick with beer and CBD oil. My love of the job has nothing to do with using cannabis, it’s because the dispensary is a chill place to work, and most of my customers are very nice people. As you might expect, this isn’t a high pressure gig, so I can relax and enjoy the nighttime driving while I make my cannabis deliveries. I am the night guy, from 9pm through till 3am, which is our cutoff for cannabis deliveries. I crank up the radio, roll down the windows, and make my delivery shift a place of inner peace. Along the way I stop and drop off cannabis to a series of interesting and kind people.


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