We had an urgent call to repair the HVAC problem in the pot shop

Last Tuesday was the grand opening for the newest pot shop in the valley! The dispensary and vape lounge is almost 5,000 square feet and it also has video games, pool, and live music on the weekends.

The pot shop had a huge sale and celebration to finally commemorate the grand opening, everything in the store was on sale including vape pen cartridges, concentrate, flower, and edibles. They provided a ton of cool prizes and bags, however I got a call from the pot shop early on Tuesday afternoon. They were panicked and aggravated because the A/C wasn’t working in the building. They did not have any cool air and the whole dispensary was due to open in less than one hour. The director wanted us to repair the A/C problem immediately, however I already had a tied up day with jobs on the schedule that afternoon. I provided the lady the telephone number for a single of our other heating and air conditioning branches that might have not been so busy, and only a couple of mornings later, I received a phone call from the director of the pot shop… She wanted to thank myself and others for helping out when they were desperate. I did not do much other than give them the name of another site, however I was thankful to gain such a nice compliment from a potential customer. The lady invited myself and others to come visit the pot shop sometime. She even offered to give myself and others a discount on anything in stock. Even though I respectfully don’t use marijuana or cannabis products, I thought it was a nice way to simply say thank you.

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