Cannabis vape cartridge products often contain cocktails of cheap distillate and botanical terpenes

Alan used to be an alcoholic until she nearly drove her car off the edge of a tied up highway coming home from the bar 1 night.

She was lucky that she only hurt himself, because her selfish actions surely could have taken the lives of others in the process.

She made a pact with himself that she would quit drinking, not just for him but also for her upset family members and friends. At 1 point Alan was buying the cheapest liquor she could find and would spike all of her drinks throughout the morning, even water, when your alcohol tolerance reaches these proportions, your life starts to spiral out of control. Luckily Alan found an effective rehab program in her town and was clean when she finished several weeks later. Although she ideally shouldn’t use any intoxicants due to her history, she has managed to replace her desire for toxic drugs like alcohol with a safer drug, cannabis. Now that her state has a medical marijuana market, Alan’s marijuana card gives him the right to shop in any cannabis dispensary in the state. Unluckyly, Alan’s state has a ban on cannabis flower products that is being battled in the courts right now. If she wants to use any cannabis inhalation products, she has no option but to purchase marijuana distillate oil. This product is made using a chemical solvent like butane, propane, carbon dioxide, or ethanol. Currently her state’s government only allows the use of C02 and ethanol in cannabis extractions, although there is no scientific basis for restricting the use of hydrocarbons like butane and propane. If you buy a vape cartridge product, it’s often cheap distillate oil with food-derived botanical terpenes added to “simulate” the effects of the target marijuana strain.

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