The pot shop pays better than the mall

I’ve been working in the customer service industry for several years.

My first job was working in the mall at a clothing shop.

I worked there three days a week after school and I continued working at the clothing shop even after I started university. I planned to get a degree in fashion design, however school was a lot harder than I anticipated, but when the manager offered me an assistant position, I decided to drop out of school so I could work full-time. I continued working at the clothing shop for another several weeks and then I went to work at the Supercenter. I had a management position there as well, however I did not like my fellow employees! A few weeks after I transferred to the Supercenter, I was unhappy and wishing I had never left the clothing shop. I was seriously happy when I had the chance to start working at the pot shop. One of my friends got a job at the cannabis dispensary and recommended me for a job. I didn’t start off in the management program, however the budtender hourly wage was nearly as high as my work at the Supercenter as a manager. For the past few years, I have been working in the pot shop, and customer service is hard work, even in the cannabis dispensary. I often have to deal with disgruntled customers that are miserable and unhappy, but just Last week a customer had to be escorted from the building after starting a fight with the security officer. The guy didn’t want to wait in line and the security officer wasn’t in the mood for shenanigans. When the officer threatened to eject him from the pot shop, the guy quickly calmed down and got quiet.



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