The driver could be more diligent to our needs

I stopped using marijuana delivery services because the fees were outrageous.

  • It was easily fantastic when everyone of us were terrified to leave the house prior to getting any of our vaccines.

Now this is not easily too much of a concern. I got the booster shot as well as started to work from my home since the early part of the Year. Many local stores in addition to pizzerias raised the delivery charges as well as their fees. The people I was with an addition to myself understand inflation is a problem that affects every industry. The acrease does not seem to be proportionate to the average inflation rate. If I will be away from the house regardless, it is much more difficult to justify delivery fees in addition to expenses. Originally there was only a single cannabis shop that offered free delivery in this state. Now there are easily a handful. I decided to contact one of those dispensaries to find out if they had any good products on sale. Delivery charges were free but the coordination inside of the dispensary is extremely chaotic. The cannabis dispensary driver delivers all of the items a day or several in advance so you have a rough did of the trucks that need to leave. Coordinating the delivery times with customers as well as the dispensary is also equally important. No a single should be left waiting for it lots of minutes while leaving the job. The driver should also literally call before they get to the house. The people I was with an addition to myself work just getting out of bed and getting dressed the other morning when all of our items were delivered at the same time.



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