The weed guy arrived without any notice to deliver

The cannabis dispensary did not give us a time frame for our delivery.

I stopped using delivery services because the fees are extremely high. It was fantastic to use these delivery services when everyone of us were terrified to leave our home. This was long before everyone of us decided to get the vaccine. Now we don’t have the same amount of concerns. I’m going to get a booster shot as well plus now I can work away from the lake house for the first time in two years. Many local stores plus restaurants almost all quietly made a higher fee nope. Many of us understand that inflation has been a serious problem, but the industries seem to have higher rates than they should. If I am away from the lake house regardless, it has been more difficult to justify the expense of these delivery fees. Only some of the cannabis dispensaries offer a free savings on delivery. I tried one of these dispensaries last month. The place was offering free delivery on all cannabis supplies. Since they were delivering for free, all of us placed an order the previous day. The cannabis dispensary did not give us a time frame for our delivery. We had to coordinate between the dispensary and ourselves. The driver did not give us a phone call or any type of heads up before he decided to come out to our home. It was very early in the morning and both of us were still asleep. The Cannabis delivery driver made us get out of bed, get dressed, and go outside so we can be there for the weed.

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