Medical marijuana used for my eating disorder

Waking up in the hospital not knowing what just happened is not something that I ever want to repeat.

The utter shock at finding our family surrounding me in a hospital room was all it took for me to seek treatment for my eating disorder.

Finally, my body just said enough was enough and shut me down. With the help I’ve received from my therapist and treatments with things like medical marijuana, I’m finding out that life can be lived healthy. Most of our eating disorders can be attributed to body image negativity that I developed as a young woman. Just too much emphasis was put on me to adhere to a certain genre of body shape. That simply wasn’t my natural body shape. Cannabis products and therapy have helped me accept and appreciate the body I’m in. That’s just one of the medical marijuana benefits when it comes to our situation. I also am finding that I can embrace a healthy appetite when I treat cannabis products. My cannabis products of choice are ironically edible. When I use the cannabis gummies I get from the cannabis dispensary, I know my appetite and accept it as a good signal. That is not the way it worked prior to discovering medical cannabis. Food is no longer the enemy. I’m studying to embrace our appetite and answer it with healthy eating choices. I’m so much better now and I even look forward to seeing my friends at the legal weed store. They have been so supportive and kind through all of this. I have a lot to be grateful for and an important one is the fact that medical marijuana is legal where I live.
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