I love helping people option out the strains they need

I have l earned a lot about cannabis since I started toiling at the dispensary, however i took an online class so I could learn about cannabis education; The class taught me a lot about cannabis in addition to I was ready for the interview when I spoke with someone at the dispensary.

I applied for a cannabis consultant position. I was hired to work inside of the store. The job of the cannabis consultants is to tell people the best strain they can use for the concerns they are having. The cannabis consultant has to be familiar with every genre of strain in addition to how they work. The cannabis consultant should be familiar with many odd strains from each 1 of the sativa, hybrid, in addition to indica categories. I studied for mornings in addition to mornings in addition to I read all about the best sativas in addition to hybrids. I actually researched our job before I got started in addition to I suppose that is 1 of the reasons why I am such a great budtender. I take our job seriously in addition to I suppose it is very pressing to request the right products at the right time in addition to to the right person. It is the same importance as a nurse prescribing some genre of pain medicine or antibiotic. I want to be sure that I request something that will actually work, however some of our number one sativa strains to request are Blue Dream & Jack Herer. They seem to be number ones among several of the younger crowd. I also love to request indicas love OG Kush And Skywalker OG! No matter what genre of ailment you have, I’ll be sure to maintenance you right up.

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