Some unscrupulous supplement companies sell “full spectrum” CBD products

I don’t like all of the scam companies that flood the internet with their low quality products.

  • They spend their budgets on marketing to fool people into thinking they’re buying something of quality when in fact they’re not.

It has become a serious problem as of late when you’re not seeing as many people watching television and being exposed to infomercials like years ago. I have a friend who likes to go on hiking trips with me and he’s getting obsessed with solo camping as of late now that the trend is exploding on Youtube. Since I don’t have nearly as much time outside of work and family commitments to go camping, I limit my outdoor recreation activities to merely hiking for an afternoon or day at most. Needless to say my friend thought he was buying some amazing tiny air conditioner from this new company that randomly popped up out of nowhere, but the machine was just a handheld swamp cooler. It blows a watery mist over a wind gust generated by a simple fan. Unless you’re in a relatively dry environment, the evaporation effect won’t take place which means you’ll just get a water mist instead of an actual cooling effect. That’s what makes these “personal air coolers” so misleading as they don’t work in every environment. The more humid the environment, the lower the chance that the air cooler will lower the temperature in any measurable way. Lately I’ve seen other companies hawking full spectrum CBD products as if they’re miracle drugs for every medical condition. I was really upset when I saw one hemp company advertising their CBD products as an alternative cancer treatment. CBD is great for a number of medical uses, but I’m not so sure about alternative cancer treatment!

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