A geezer is trying out recreational marijuana

So I came to cannabis products pretty late in life.

I’m in my early 70’s and I’m just now discovering the joys of recreational marijuana.

When I was in my 20’s, I thought people my age were just old as dirt. Indeed, I’ve seen a lot of years and I’ve slowed up a bunch. The body isn’t as quick to heal and restore. But I’m a long way from being done. In fact, I still get out to swim and surf on a daily basis. The kids in the lineup call me the Geezer. It’s all good and I rag on them about how little they know about how life works. However, we are all sort of brothers in the ocean. And that’s where the idea for me to try out the local cannabis spot was first floated. Another older guy was out there and he get great results when it comes to his range of motion and muscle spasms from cannabis products. Namely, he enjoys a specific indica strain for sale. This guy swore by it and he said the other parts of using cannabis products don’t suck either. So when I was out getting groceries, I drove right past the local cannabis spot. But this time, I flipped a U turn and walked right in. It really was quite an experience. For one thing, the staff at this marijuana business was just so welcoming. Once they learned that I was a rookie when it came to cannabis, they took care of me. Not only did I get some of that indica strain for sale but I also took home some sativa strains for sale as well as a few edibles. I have to say that I’ve been missing out all these years. I’m sure glad recreational marijuana is legal where I live.