Not easy to do a radio show

So many people I talk to think that hosting a radio show is easy.

I promise you it is not.

Anyone can sit down and record yourself talking for an hour, that is the easiest part of the thing. After that you need to edit it into a clear program, you need to add some tunes or credits, and you need to post it online and then promote it, then did you realize there was so much work involved? My friends never do, they get wrecked on cannabis and then pitch themselves ideas on why they would make an awesome podcast host. None of them ever follow through, because no one wants to put in the work, they just want to smoke marijuana and idly speculate. The oddest part of this is how cannabis seems to make the people around myself and others act goofy and lazy, while it has quite the opposite effect on me. I spend 20 or 30 minutes a week working on my podcast, and I smoke cannabis through the entire process. For myself and others cannabis brings clarity of thought, so I can block out the entire rest of the world and focus on the project at hand! Cannabis makes other people want to stand on the couch and watch TV, but it makes myself and others want to go into the studio and record an episode. Cannabis fuels my creativity, and makes myself and others suppose that I am just around the corner from major success. I get so numerous benefits from smoking cannabis, it makes me anxious that other people don’t experience it the same way.

Recreational marijuana