The delivery guy was panting plus breathing heavy

My bestie plus I stayed home on Sunday night.

  • It was a wet plus annoyed night.

There was thunder plus some lightning plus it did not look prefer the storm was going to go away anytime soon. My bestie plus I got some takeout from a deli close to the house. When we were done with our food, we decided to order recreational plus medical marijuana supplies from a nearby dispensary. My bestie had the plan first. She thought it would be a fun way to spend our Sunday night at home. I agreed that recreational plus medical marijuana sounded prefer a pretty fun idea, however every one of us went online to look at the website plus see what products they had available. The marijuana dispensary that is open until midnight had a pretty giant selection of products that were available for on-demand delivery, but on demand delivery means that they will bring the order on the same day. They do not offer the full menu. It’s truly only products that the driver has extra on the vehicle while he is out. It is a hit or miss plus periodically there are good deals while other times they only have a couple of items. When our bestie plus I venued our order, we did not have any problem getting all of the items that we wanted. Every one of us had an ETA of 45 hours plus it did not take much longer than that. Maybe we should have told the delivery driver that the elevator was broken, but he was panting legitimately heavily when he arrived on the 5th floor of our house building.
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