He just won’t get it delivered

I swear our husband has something against calling for delivery.

Both of us never have anything delivered to the house.

Grub hub and uber eats is something both of us have never tried before. The most he will do is call in a subway order plus pick it up. He is all about picking it up on his own. I believe it is because he does not want to tip the driver. I have to tell you, I don’t like doing it this way. What is the point of ordering if you still have to get in the car? I still need to put on underwear and make up for the pick up. So more often than not, both of us go into the store, grocery store or pharmacy to get our order. The cannabis dispensary has the best delivery service. I have ordered it by myself before. It is a self-explanatory process. You can place the order online through the website. I can read about each product, believe the exact CBD plus THC satisfied plus if I am getting sativa or indica. The sales are clearly listed plus there is a chat with a budtender feature I use sometimes. I can then pay for everything online. I have the delivery driver set it on the front step. Fast, cheap plus efficient. If our husband is in charge of the cannabis this week, he makes me hop in the car with him plus do curbside option up. It takes so much longer waiting for the budtender to put together our order plus walk it out to the car. Then our husband has to mess around with a credit card plus sign things. He needs to start doing something different.


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