Trying out some cannabis products

I never saw it coming, however when I look back, it makes a bit of sense. My wifey Joanne just came to myself and others a single day plus said that she wasn’t in love with myself and others any more and she wanted out. Jo was the same girl who used to smoke marijuana openly just down the hall from myself and others at our first apartment. I was awfully square plus Jo was so dazzling to me. It was so unlikely that we’d celebrate however that’s just what happened. Jo sort of put the cannabis down once every one of us got married plus started a family. From there, it seemed as if it was a scripted life. I went to work plus dedicated tons of time to our job. This resulted in major promotions, more cash plus more time in the office. And that’s how it played out until the kids left for college. That’s when Jo just pulled the plug. Honestly, I can’t entirely blame her. Jo wasn’t cheerful plus I wasn’t around. That’s a recipe for the unwinding of a marriage for sure. To start to turn the page, I took another position that was in another state. It helped me to just be away from all the correct stuff that kept bringing back the pain of failure. Ironically, I have moved to a state where cannabis is legal. So I particularly went into the local cannabis shop to learn more about cannabis products. Not only did I walk out of there with the facts about medical cannabis, I made some friends as well. It’s hard not to wonder what our now ex-wifey Jo would recognize about myself and others exploring sativa plus indica strains. And enjoying it!

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