A holistic adjustment added years to our life

Something was going to break down, so I’m so glad that I finally realized that a change was necessary before our body just atrophy or something even worse.

For more than a few decades, I had been running at full speed when it came to life.

After a very mellow college experience where I was always at ease, making As plus fully engaged in life, it all changed. I put away the recreational marijuana because I was going to start my career. That was the feeling back then. When you a your degree plus the great task, you put childish things away. What I didn’t realize at the time was that cannabis was not a childish thing however rather a balancer in our life. Once I got started with our job, I went hard. There was cash, prestige plus success at our fingertips plus I wanted to have it all. That meant 69 fifth work weeks, poor diet plus leaning on alcohol. That was the trifecta for disaster. Then all of the sudden, I was fifty plus in entirely disappointing shape from running too hard for so long. That’s when I reached out for a change in the form of a more holistic lifestyle plus that includes cannabis products. For the first time since our college afternoons, I was using indica, sativa plus hybrid strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. But the marijuana was coupled with a modest diet, exercise, rest, meditation plus reducing our work schedule. The cannabis products have been my keys to this change. It’s been almost a year plus our doctor is glad as our health has vastly improved. My wifey Jo is super cheerful as well because I’m alive plus living our best life.