Until they told me there was no THC in my gummies, I thought I was high.

My sister commented on why I was in such a good mood lately.

She jokingly laughed and asked what I had been taking to make me feel so good. I smiled and ignored her comment, but she was persistent. I told her the doctor had put me on medical marijuana for my glaucoma. She looked at me oddly and asked what kind of medical marijuana it was. I told her there were two different things I used, but I wasn’t sure what they were right off hand. My husband put the stuff in the safe and I didn’t have the key. I showed her the CBD gummies I had been making for the last month and told here they were enough to help with the discomfort of the glaucoma, and she asked if she could have one. I wasn’t about to get into trouble for sharing my medical marijuana with my sister or anyone else. I didn’t care how much she argued with me. I enjoyed getting high every once in a while, but I would not tell her that. She walked over and sniffed my gummies and laughed. She told me they were nothing but CBD, and if I thought I was getting high on those, I really was nuts. After telling her they were marijuana, she laughed even harder. Even CBD was made from marijuana, but it was the THC that got you high and not the CBD. She patted my face and told me I was gullible. I may not be getting high, but the CBD was taking my discomfort away.


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