Topical for arthritis pain

I am a medical marijuana patient but only for topical form. A topical is a cream that is applied directly to the skin for immediate relief. It doesn’t get into the bloodstream which means you aren’t going to get high from a topical. Think of this cannabis cream as a more powerful icy hot. I use a topical for arthritis pain. I have tried gin soaked raisins and they do a bit of good. Adding this with a topical two times a day, my arthritis pain is great. I have it in my fingers and one of my wrists. After my workout, I shower and then put the topical on. I then don’t reapply until right before bed. I have way more mobility and less pain with my joints. It was worth purchasing. I like that as a medical marijuana patient I just need to flash my card and I can get the cream I want. I get the same thing every few months as well. Recently my medical marijuana dispensary changed to offering curbside pick up. I now can place the order at the start of my work day and then swing by the medical marijuana dispensary on my way home. They bring the topical right to my car, I swipe my credit card and I am on my way. It isn’t a very good product like most people would assume. When I say I am a medical cannabis patient a lot of people picture me ripping off a bong or smoking a joint. I just apply a nice smelling cream. I don’t get high, calm or europe from it either. It is like picking a pharmacy prescription.


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