Cannabis flower for depression

When I started having issues with depression I started looking into medical cannabis.

  • I was concerned about going the pharmaceutical route.

I didn’t want to get hooked on prescription pills. I didn’t like the side effects with them. I also wasn’t a fan of constantly going to the doctor’s office for check ups. Medical weed is a much better alternative. You get a product from a natural plant that doesn’t have the scary side effects. Once a year I need to go to the doctor, talk to him for about five minutes and then my medical cannabis card is renewed. I get a script for a certain amount of cannabis flower and oil per month. I personally prefer the flower form when it comes to cannabis. I like to hand roll the flower and then smoke a joint. The process of rolling a joint I find very soothing. I buy rolling papers and loose leaf flowers and then I am good to go. Since my workplace is outdoors, I am a farmer, it is easy to smoke on the job. I smoke a joint before I start trimming the crops and spraying for bugs. I then proceed with my workday just a bit high. I then don’t smoke again until I am about to go to bed. I have noticed quite a difference with my depression. I feel mellow, cheerful and upbeat after I smoke. I am hoping to someday not need it anymore. For now, I don’t mind having a joint or two a day.

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