The taxes are higher at the recreational marijuana store opposed to the medical 1

I have to drive to an adjacent neighborhood to do most of our shopping.

I live in a small city as well as every one of us don’t even have a traditional shopping mall, just a handful of strip malls with a few bizarre dealers in each 1.

If I want to visit a warehouse store to get bulk groceries, I have to make an second drive round trip to the mall as well as back to our house… My partner likes to make a day out of it as well as will get her hair as well as nails done while I’m at the outdoor store on the other end of the mall. Now that gas prices have dropped a little bit again, we’re able to make this drive separate from as much of a financial burden on fuel alone. On top of all the normal stops, these trips also provide us a chance to visit 1 of the four bizarre recreational as well as medical cannabis stores in this particular city. Our small city lacks cannabis stores at the new moment. Both of us would utilize the cannabis delivery services if they didn’t all charge at least $10 per order on top of the normal product prices. On top of the delivery fees, shopping at recreational marijuana stores means that every one of us have to pay a 15% tax on each cannabis product purchase. That’s why our partner as well as I both have medical marijuana cards as medical marijuana patients are exempt from recreational cannabis taxes. It’s worth the trouble of maintaining our status as medical cannabis patients if it means paying less for our rare marijuana.


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