I just don’t get the weed anymore

I hated life in the city. I had a house right on top of me. I couldn’t tan in a bikini top since the guy loved to grill in his backyard. I had a gross man that liked to watch me workout on our lanai. I also hated all the sounds, creatures that ran wild and the pollution. It wasn’t worth being near all the dealers truthfully, and getting great groceries, a high end gym and quality cannabis dispensary was nice, but not worth losing privacy and land. So our hubby and I ultimately decided to move to the country. All of us moved an hour and acquired more pieces of property. There are no neighbors near us anymore. I can walk around in a bikini top and feel safe. All the creatures have owners and don’t run wild. It is quieter, cleaner and just a better way of residing. I do miss some of those dealers though. The groceries aren’t as great. I can’t get any great meat or shrimp anymore. Most of the produce appears half bruised when I buy it. I also don’t have a gym in town. I now go for bike rides, swim in the local pool and run. That is the best I can do. There isn’t a cannabis dispensary near me at all. That really bums me out. I used to adore getting some Orange Kush or Blue Dream at the marijuana shop. I would vape it and just care about our weekend. Now if I want to have any cannabis, I need to make an hour drive for it. I hardly ever do that though.
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