My PTSD was tough before using medical cannabis

It redefines who you are and what you basically stand for.

I actually wish that human experience didn’t include trauma. But it does. However those who suffer with PTSD have a mighty powerful tool in medical marijuana. This is something I know a bit about, medical marijuana benefits when it comes to my life. I happen to be a survivor of a truly random and truly violent event, living through that trauma has changed me in many different ways. That’s just life though to be honest. Medical marijuana along with talk & group therapy have honestly helped me to accept the new me. I am not the person I was before my traumatic event. But a me that I can actually be comfortable with is now starting to form from those ashes. Cannabis flower products were necessary in helping me understand that I can move on from where I happen to be now… While PTSD may linger with me for a while to some degree or another, I have the power to move forward. This has been the most powerful gift medical marijuana has given me to be entirely honest. Cannabis flower products help me to feel absolutely calm and know that I am safe. Having spent so much time prior to therapy and treating with medical cannabis, I was pretty much convinced medical marijuana would be able to help others plus myself. Living through a drastic event is never the easiest thing. It redefines who you are and what you basically stand for. But having some comfort and relief with medical marijuana has been something that benefits my life. Cannabis flower products have allowed me to discover comfort and a new way of life. That’s a pretty amazing benefit to moving on with life and managing PTSD troubles.

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