Big thanks to my marijuana dispensary

When our state finally voted on reasonable marijuana laws, I knew that everyone could benefit from it.

But I was still so deep into anxiety that even the thought of heading into a cannabis dispensary was the last thing I could do.

I have been Working from my house once the pandemic hit. And while that was entirely wonderful for me, because the work in the office was so tough. This was just further isolation. That’s not so wonderful for someone with anxiety plus intense depression. I have used medications prescribed by doctors for a decade. And I’m thankful for what they were able to do for me. For 1, they’ve kept me going. But I wanted more than just being alive. Once recreational marijuana plus medical marijuana became legal in our state, so many people that care for me reached out. They all thought that I could actually try medical marijuana. So I did what I needed to do even though using recreational marijuana was legal. And I got a medical marijuana card. Still, going into the cannabis dispensary was hard for me… Just as hard as going into the grocery store or anywhere else. Yet as soon as I walked through the side doors of the cannabis dispensary, I felt a lightness. And that lightness only brightened the more I talked to the nice people there. They knew just the sorts of cannabis products that could help me plus my anxiety plus depression. The new sativa strains that I use for my condition have changed my life. It’s just such a bizarre time in my life these days. I’m actually waking up and feeling gleeful to engage the afternoon plus all the possibilities that await me.

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