Real respect for HVAC heating

Many people endure life shake ups only to find better thing ahead.

That’s an important part of dealing with adversity.

I know it’s always been the case for me to allow myself to pay attention to the lessons that are happening in front of me. It sure beats getting caught up and feeling like a victim or raging against some injustice. That is often completely missing the point. The older I become, the less I get caught up in the drama just for the drama’s sake. Like last winter, I found a whole new appreciation for HVAC heating. This is from a woman who has never once really paid any attention to the heating and cooling equipment other than interacting with the thermostat. Well, that changed when I was suddenly single again after a divorce. That led me to taking a new job in a region that has a real winter which requires a gas furnace. This is what we call a serious like shake up. For me, in my early forties, it was a lot to take on. But, I found that I was eerily calm and aware of things around me more than ever. This resulted in the new appreciation for HV AC Heating. Where I grew up and lived my entire life, the only heating we ever needed came from a heat pump. And that didn’t happen all that much as our winters were super mild. The heat pump might provide heating for the first bit of the day just to knock the chill out of the house. So moving to a region where Winter is like 6 months long is a big change. Thankfully, my new little house has a brand new gas furnace. I’m looking forward to years of being toasty warm up here.


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