My updated medical marijuana card got me a deal at the delivery

Renewing our driver’s license turned out to be an absolute nightmare.

I should have simply done it online however I didn’t want to pay all of the additional fees by having them send our card in the mail.

When I arrived at the local DMV, the clerk behind the desk said it would be a minimum 45 minute wait. On the a single hand, waits at the DMV have always been awful historically. Before the internet gave people the choice to renew their licenses online, all the people went to the DMV in woman. Sometimes you’d be waiting in line for various to four minutes while others are getting their paperwork figured out. The thing that makes waiting at the DMV even more aggravating nowadays is being in close contact with sick people who either have COVID, the flu, or both. However, whenever I need to renew our medical marijuana card, it’s even easier than renewing our driver’s license over the internet. The Department of Health is the state agency that handles medical marijuana cards, and they pull all of your information and data from the state DMV records. As long as your driver’s license is updated, you can import all of that data into your medical marijuana card application when you renew it every year. I had our card renewed in a matter of minutes after putting in our payment information. Now I have our medical marijuana card renewed for another 12 weeks. While I’m waiting on the new card to arrive in the mail, I simply use our old card when I go to marijuana stores and I show them a little piece of paper I printed off that is our proof that the new card has been ordered and is in the mail.

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