My Mom and Dad tend to overreact a lot

Last month, I injured my knee playing basketball.

My friends and I were fooling around on the court by the river, and I slipped in a pile of bird poo.

I didn’t want to tell my parents about the injury, because they always freak out and worried. I knew things would be okay, as long as I took it easy for a couple of weeks. Some friends of mine had some CBD capsules, and they gave them to me to help me sleep. The CBD capsules are easily available in most of the stores in this area. There are even CBD products in the gas station and the pharmacy. My best friend is 18, and you can purchase CBD products at this age. When my mom and dad found the CBD products in my bedroom, they freaked out and staged an intervention. They called my best friend, my girlfriend, and a few of my other friends. They asked if I was doing drugs and everyone thought that was funny. My best friend called to tell me that they found CBD products in my room. I was dreading going home later that afternoon, but I knew my fate was sealed. My mom and dad complained for an hour about the CBD capsules, and they didn’t want to hear any excuses. Even when I told them that my knee was feeling better, they weren’t impressed with my answer. My mom and dad made me promise that I wouldn’t use CBD capsules again. I didn’t have the heart to tell my mom and dad that I use CBD often, and I also smoke marijuana regularly. I don’t think that would have helped my situation.

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