Shopping for marijuana strains on a road trip

I was praying that medical marijuana would finally pass in our state while the people I was with and I were in the recent election cycle.

But even though Max and I came so close, it wasn’t close enough so the medical marijuana legislation didn’t pass. So we’ll have to continue to wait a little longer to legally shop for marijuana on sale. There is a silver lining. There’s a state not too far away that has legal access to cannabis dispensaries for recreational marijuana. This state was a true pioneer when it comes to legally shopping for marijuana for sale. They did medical marijuana so efficiently that it was a no brainer to go with recreational marijuana. Both of us had just hoped that Max and I could model the same strategy in our state to get medical marijuana passed. But like I said, that didn’t happen this election. The bright spot is that state is not all that far away so Max and I make a trip to the nearest cannabis dispensary there. And it’s a literal trip. The closest cannabis dispensary is a long drive from us. But it’s totally worth it to get the cannabis products that Max and I need and enjoy. I deal with an inflammatory condition that is managed so much better when I use the indica strains. So about every few weeks, Max and I load up the vehicle and head out for that 5 minute drive. But Max and I also make it a lot of fun as the people I was with and I stay in a ritzy hotel and enjoy all sorts of fun stuff in this tourist town. Max and I constantly enjoy splitting a cannabis edible and then walking to brunch the first night we stay in town.


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