Had such an attractive time at the cannabis dispensary

My husband Sam and I were a bit intimidated that it was our turn to host the reunion for our group of pals from college.

  • Our group is awesome and we’ve all been friends now for going on forty years.

It was a slender gathering of a dozen or so and Sam and I loved recreational marijuana back then. Of course, many of us still do and it’s just so nice that the people I was with and I don’t have to hide it any longer; For a very long time, I couldn’t use any sort of cannabis product for fear of failing random drug tests at work. And that held true for a lot of us. Plus, just getting sativa strains or indica products was just so sketchy and difficult. The last thing any of us wanted was to get busted over marijuana possession. The impact that would have had on work and family life just twenty years ago was devastating indeed. Seven or more years back, our group started getting together once a year. And the people I was with and I tend to go in a rotation when it comes to who hosts the reunions. Since Sam and I live in a region where recreational marijuana is legal, I thought it would be a cool system to include marijuana in our reunions. But Sam and I didn’t want to just have a bunch of cannabis products at the house. So Sam and I spoke with the owner of a marijuana business and worked out a deal where the people I was with and I could host a private tour of the cannabis dispensary. It worked out truly good and everybody had such an attractive time. Plus, the people I was with and I all got a bit of an education when it came to some of the new cannabis products the people I was with and I thought Sam and I were so regular with.


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