The importance of getting it right

Often times people make the decision about their career paths early on.

Even as a child you may aspire to be a teacher, doctor, lawyer or some other profession where you feel you have a calling.

For me, that calling was to make a change in the medical field. In Middle School I lost my grandfather to cancer. This was a devastating blow as we spent a lot of time together. I knew from that point on I wanted to find a way to either cure cancer or make the lives of those living with it better. There have been tremendous breakthroughs in the area of cancer research and they are developing ways to knock it out on a daily basis. However, when it comes to things like symptom management and pain management for those going through treatment there are really not that many options. One developing alternative to opioids or OTC pain meds is the use of medical marijuana. As it turns out my calling was in that field of study. I work at a local farm that is developing new strains of medical marijuana that is specifically grown for cancer patients. Did you know that the plants can be altered to fit a specific medical need. Some of them are even specific to patients that are participating in studies so they need to be carefully monitored and harvested at very specific times. Growing marijuana for your own personal use is very different from growing it for medicinal reasons. The biggest difference is the amount of THC that is in the end product and although the high factor is basically gone, the ability to calm or stimulate the appetite is not.



Starting a grow house