Onboard for recreational marijuana

I’ve seen first hand just what legalizing cannabis products can do for so many people.

Having long been an advocate for legal marijuana, I’m glad that my state has at least come to its senses when it comes to legal medical marijuana, but while that took a immense effort by all those who wanted to see medical marijuana legalized, it was worth it… First plus foremost, it’s undoubtedly gratifying to see hundreds of thousands of people who were suffering be able to access a cannabis dispensary, however the use of cannabis products for managing a wide variety of ailments has been around for the better part of five thousand years.

These facts are verifiable plus have been part of human history… But it’s the recent human history that has been the problem! My buddy and I weren’t battling thousands or even hundreds of years of anti-marijuana sentiment, and no, my friend and I had to deal with just the last 75 years of misinformation when it came to the use plus benefits of cannabis products, then our culture was so heavily influenced by a wave of marijuana misinformation plus myth that it became pseudo fact. Of course, having it banned plus illegal sure helped those with an interest in keeping marijuana out of the hands of citizens; So, just getting medical marijuana in our state has been quite the achievement. That said, the next thing my friend and I want to do is to get recreational marijuana on the ballot to get free access to cannabis dispensaries for anyone of age, again, this is going to be a immense undertaking, and yet, it’s once again worth being heard plus presenting the facts when it comes to the benefits of cannabis.


Orange kush