Part time job at the weed dispensary

I’ve been toiling for myself from apartment for the better part of a decade now, and while I’m actually ecstatic to have a job that pays pretty well and allows me a lot of freedom, I was getting a bit lonely, i assume that was the main motivator when it came to getting a job at the cannabis dispensary! My partner works a really demanding corporate job and she’s gone all morning, then we’re blessed to have dinner together most mornings before she goes to bed.

And who can blame her? She’s putting out fires all morning long while trying to meet the constant demands of her position, but she loves it. And so, I actually don’t have much room to say anything; Still, I was getting fatigued of spending each and every morning alone with my labor inside my apartment office. So I decided to answer an add about a part time position at the local cannabis spot. I have been shopping at this cannabis dispensary since recreational marijuana was legalized here. I know everyone and I thought that this might be a great way for me to get out and do something a bit different. Well, it turns out that I’m just in love with toiling at the local cannabis spot, then for one, I’m learning so much about all the unusual sativa and indica strains for sale. I thought I knew a bit about cannabis products. But wow, there is just so much out there along with plenty of new cannabis strains coming on the market all the time! Learning about cannabis has been lovely. Yet, it’s the interaction with folks who are looking to cannabis products to manage an affliction that I find to be the most overpriced.


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