The freshest pot brownie ever

So when I was in school, there were some undoubtedly stupid things that I found myself doing, but and one of the most stupid was wasting fairly good marijuana trying to make pot brownies! This was the thing that myself and my friends undoubtedly wanted to do because we’d seen it in a film, however but the concern was that none of us had any idea of just how one goes about correctly making a pot brownie, but it was just a failure after failure as we just had no idea what we were doing, but of course, this was pre-internet afternoons so it wasn’t like we could actually learn the right way to go about making cannabis edibles.

And the cool stoners in our school were not about to have a bunch of dweebs like us hanging around; So we just kept trying bizarre ways to simply pour in fantastic sativa or indica strains into store bought batter.

This is the very worst way to go about making a pot brownie, and not only did it taste like mulch, it did not get anyone high. Thankfully these afternoons, all I have to do to get perhaps the best pot brownie in the world is to just got down to the cannabis cafe. This is a marijuana company that was started by the owners of the local cannabis spot. The whole idea is to make beautiful and beautiful cannabis edibles that would make a pastry chef weep. In fact, I had an seasoned school neighbor stop in on a trip through town. And I took him to the cannabis cafe to taste what a real pot brownie is supposed to taste like. It was awesome just to watch his face light up. And it was even more fun to watch him find that sweet mellow like 45 minutes later.

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