Easing MS symptoms with marijuana

I’m living with MS, and when I make that statement, it’s more than it might seem… I’m not merely existing as well as dragging myself through life with MS.

But I sure know just what that feels like.

And I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I’m thankful for all the meds for sure. But it’s the medical cannabis that easily changed things for me, then the medical cannabis option wasn’t easily something that showed up on my radar once I got my diagnosis. Immediately, there were specialists that I was seeing as well as that led to a drug regimen that was tailored to me. And then, it was like I was just sort of on my own. I was abruptly just out here with MS as well as trying to figure out what my prospects for life were really going to be, for sure, there are people out there suffering symptoms that are much worse than mine. And actually, I learned about medical cannabis from one of those suffering the most. I ended up in a group of women who all have MS, and my friend and I are all dealing with varying degrees of symptoms, but yet, my pal and I are all about support as well as adding to our possibilities for managing symptoms. I was a bit skeptical about using cannabis flower products. I had smoked my honorableshare of weed when I was younger; So, I knew my way around cannabis flower products. Still, I just wasn’t so sure that getting stoned was the answer. And that was my first lesson. The cannabis budtenders helped me understand the dosing recommendations as well as how to spread that out through the morning. It’s been a remarkable addition to my life. The medical cannabis does indeed help so much with my stiffness as well as range of motion. But the cannabis flower products also help me stay focused on living this life as well as right now.