A lot of chances to try weed

I now live near a cannabis dispensary, and it is overwhelming how several chances there are out there! First, you need to decide if you want a sativa or indica! A sativa is a morning time blend.

It gives you a high, makes you happy, excited, in addition to energetic! Most use this kind of blend for recreational use! Then you can get an indica that is a body high, relaxing, peaceful in addition to more of a medical strain for patients.

There are of course hybrids that are a combination of both. After you decide that, now decide how you are going to take in the cannabis. The most traditional way is to smoke it, you can smoke a flower form, which is the loose leaf cannabis, through rolling papers, a pipe, bong, hookah, etc. There is an oil form that you can vape. You can choose a more edible route with THC in addition to CBD in a variety of baked goods, gums, mints, drinks, in addition to candies. There are concentrates, tinctures, shatter, in addition to wax. There are topicals that are applied directly to the skin for pain relief! Once you decide how you are going to take it, what blend of THC in addition to CBD do you want? THC is what gets you high in addition to CBD is the part that is more for medical purposes like reducing inflammation, in addition to enjoyable the mind in addition to body. After that, you need to know what kind of strain you want, then girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Orange Kush, Purple Haze? The name goes on. It is daunting to start getting into cannabis.

Medical cannabis