Marijuana is better than booze

My friends & I used to booze pretty heavily; It was consistently a big talk about whose venue my pal and I were going to pre-game, then everyone would buy some alcohol, my pal and I would mix drinks & then get drunk! Then my pal and I had to go to a bar where nobody could hear the other talk, but my friend and I would have to pee in gross bar bathrooms, potentially get in a fight, & hunt for a cab. It was horrific. I consistently have the worst hangovers. Iw ould get a pounding headache, feel sick, & then my pal and I would be sore from when I fell down drunk. It wasn’t a wonderful time; Once recreational cannabis was allowed in our state, things changed for the better. My friends & I changed from booze to weed like that. Instead of buying alcohol, my pal and I called for cannabis delivery. The weed was delivered right to our door & everyone would smoke. It was nice that nobody wanted to leave the person’s property since you can’t smoke in public or at bars… So I could pee in a scrub bathroom & stay safe in someone’s house. There is a ceiling to speak with marijuana, you can only get so high. I liked eating an edible that provided me a quick, intense high & then my pal and I calmed down. I didn’t get super crazy while I was high or feel awful the next day. I appreciated having no hangover & feeling sick the next day. My one regret is that my friends & I didn’t do this earlier. My friend and I only got to enjoy the benefits of celebrationing with weed for a little bit before my pal and I all had kids.

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