Picky about quality of flower

I am especially particular about the quality of cannabis flower that I smoke. I like to roll my own joints and want top-shelf weed. I don’t want to deal with seeds, sticks or leaves. Premium dried flower burns more consistently and provides a better experience. When I visit the dispensary, I look for the flower that is coated in glistening trichomes. Those trichomes are where the plant stores the most desirable compounds, such as the cannabinoids and terpenes. They are responsible for the flavor, aroma and potency. The smell of the weed should be pungent and dank. It shouldn’t be dusty or smell like hay. The flavors can range of earthy and diesel to citrusy and floral. If the flower was cultivated at full maturity, it will showcase fine orange hair-like pistols. When those pistols are a pale white, the flower was picked too early. If they are a gray or brown, the weed is old. It should have a texture that is somewhere between dry and sticky, with full dense buds that don’t crumble. Complexity of color is also important. The flower should be a nice green color with possible flecks of blue, orange and purple. There shouldn’t be any signs of webs or mold. While I buy either sun-grown or indoor grown strains, I strictly choose those varieties that are nourished organically. I look for pesticide-free, lab tested flower. I am fortunate that the dispensary in closest proximity to my home carries a wide selection of indica, sativa and hybrid flower strains that uphold exceptional quality. They curate the most popular brands and frequently offer daily specials.